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Then and Now: Bronwyn Jameson

This week sees the reissue of my first two books published by Silhouette Desire. There are many reasons why I’m jazzed about this, not the least being the stylish “Bestseller Collection” flash on the cover. “Bestseller” happens to be a favourite word of just about every author.  🙂  It’s also given me some cause to muse about such things as wow, where did those seven years go? and how lucky am I to be still writing for Desire?

In that spirit of musing, I present a teensy insight into what has changed–and not changed–since my first sale.

THEN: I could get away with a heroine named Paris (In Bed With The Boss’s Daughter)
NOW: !’m not contemplating naming any heroines Paris, Lindsey or Britney.

THEN: Desire titles painted a broader canvas. Some of my favourites from 2000-2001:
Ride A Wild Heart, Slow Waltz Across Texas, Overnight Cinderella. 
NOW: They’re less colourful but more descriptive. Like four-word storyline synopses. As much as I like the title Addicted To Nick it doesn’t give much of a hint about the storyline, does it?

THEN: A biker cover was fine…but didn’t sell well.
NOW: No bikers, no leathers, not too many heroines depicted with TC’s short haircut, either.

THEN: The guidelines specified a minimum of two “fully realised” love scenes. Had to add one during my revisions for In Bed With The Boss’s Daughter whether it needed another or not. 
NOW: One, two or ten love scenes; we write what the storyline and characters demand.

THEN: My stories were built around strong-willed, independent women (a la TC in Addicted To Nick)…or strong-willed women seeking independence (Paris Grantham in In Bed With The Boss’s Daughter.)
NOW: Same.

THEN: Character-driven stories, tick. Cowboys, tick. Blue-collar heroes, tick.
NOW: Stories driven by the external situation, tick. Tycoons, tick. Billionaires, tick.

THEN: I used brand names that I *thought* the wealthy might use.
NOW: I have (I hope) a better understanding of the terms luxury, bespoke and exclusivity.

THEN: My stories included a quest to find home, family, love.
NOW: Beneath the surface glitz…they still do.

THEN: I was the only down-under author writing for Desire.
NOW: I am one of eleven. Our spelling, unique turns of phrase, settings, and other quirks are better understood and accepted…or the readers have grown tired of writing and asking for explanations.  🙂

What has changed in your reading and/or writing since the year 2000?  Have you discovered new genres, new authors, new lines?  Is there something you miss from “the good old days”?

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