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Series Love

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I’m currently anticipating the September 2nd release of the 5th full-length book in the Psy/Changeling series, Hostage to Pleasure. Though I’ve participated in one continuity (the Ashtons), and written two loosely connected books (Desert Warrior and Craving Beauty), this is my first continuing series. And I love it! Love, love, love it!

If had to enumerate the reasons why, I think I’d say that one of the most wonderful aspects of these books is that I get to see my characters develop and change. For example Sascha and Lucas from Slave to Sensation, continue to be integral parts of the stories—we get to see them after their happy ever after, get to see them growing into their love, into becoming ever stronger as a couple.

As a reader, this journey of a developing love is something I’ve always wanted to see. If a book ends with declarations of love (come on, give me an epilogue at least!), you can be sure that in my head, I’m imagining a future for the couple – I want to know that they really did make it, that their happy ever after is solid and true.

With my Psy/Changeling couples, I not only get to fulfil this desire, I also get to develop the world book by book, story by story. And I also get to populate my world with secondary characters who are as important to the fabric of the stories as the protagonists.

For example, my series wouldn’t be the same without Julian and Roman, the twin leopard cubs who pretty much stole my heart the instant they jumped onto the page and opened their mouths in baby growls. I’ve even gotten reader mail asking if I’ll ever write their stories. They’re only little, so I don’t know about that, but I do know that this is a world I’ll continue to play in as long as they let me (and probably after, too!).

So now, my question to you. As a reader, what is it about connected books, or books in a series, that you love? What are your favorite series? Do you have a favorite book that you wish the author would write a sequel to?

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