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Virtual Travel

atrani__amalfi_coast__italySometimes a girl has just got to get away, don’t you think? I know a whole lot of people satisfy their wanderlust in their late teens and twenties. I never had that–then. But now, oh, what I wouldn’t give for a Tuscan holiday, or several days and nights on the Amalfi Coast, or a Mediterranean cruise, or a lazy visit in the Lake District of England, tours of crumbling castles in Wales and Scotland, pub crawling in Ireland, a road trip across the United States, a cruise in Alaska, a trip to the Bahamas and, well, travel anywhere really.lake-district


Since I’ve never made these wonderful journeys I tend to like to live vicariously through others, e.g. Trish Morey’s blog where she’s talked about her recent holiday in Europe–five weeks of it! And the occasional travel programme when I can knock the green tinted lenses from my eyeballs for long enough 😉 .


And then there are my characters. Now, they get to do all sorts of fabulous things, like in the second of my Rogue Diamonds trilogy that’s due out March next year and part of which is set in Tuscany near San Gimignano. Oh the research, I swear, it just about had me booking a flight there and then–for the food if not for the scenery!


Thank goodness for virtual travel through the joy of reading. Thanks to the stories of others I’ve lived small town America, sweltering Amazon jungles, snow bound winters in various countries at a time when I’m drooping under an Auckland summer’s high humidity, the luxuries of the south of France, the sparkling beauty of the Greek Islands. You name it, it’s been written about, and I thank all those writers for my experiences through their characters eyes.


So tell me, where’s your most wanted to visit place in the world? And why? And if you couldn’t go there, would you be happy to read about it?


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