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Following Up With Heroes

Mr. Darcy - sigh

Mr. Darcy - sigh

Following Up With Heroes

It seems only logical to follow up the heroine discussion with … heroes. And I have to confess that though I demand a strong heroine I secretly read for the hero I can fall in love with. And there are so many good ones out there. So, I’m making a list, and checking it twice (or maybe twenty times), of some of my favorite heroes. And I’m going to limit myself to five.

First has to be my husband (and not just for family political reasons), he’s the quintessential strong, silent type and is both wise and kind. So while he’s not much chop at a dinner party he’s great in a crisis. And I think there’s something of him in all the heroes I’ve written.

So now that’s ticked that one off the list…

2. Mr. Darcy, (Paula you really do have to read some Austen) What’s not to love about a great looking (in my mind he’ll now forever be Colin Firth striding out of that lake in the BBC version), kind and wealthy (have you checked out Pemberly) guy?

3. Daniel Craig aka James Bond. Suave and deadly fighter of the bad guys – also very nice in a pair of swimming trunks.

4. I’m a recent convert to Buffy so I’m going to put Angel in here. Someone else fighting for the good guys. And there’s such a great conflict between Angel and Buffy – the vampire in love with the vampire slayer. I’ve yet to reach the episodes where Spike comes into play as a hero (not really sure how that’s going to work) and it’s hard to imagine preferring him over Angel but apparently some do, so I’ll withhold my judgment.

5. Given that I’m a creature of the moment I’m going to put in Miles Calverleigh because I’ve just read Black Sheep by Georgette Heyer and he was great. (And I’m not going to mention Suzanne Brockmann’s SEALs or Susan Elizabeth Phillips football players, or Morelli or Ranger, or …you get the picture. And I can’t believe I’ve got no cowboys on my list because I do so love a good cowboy).

So, I’d love to hear who yours are, who I’ve forgotten and who I should be reading.


Sandra Hyatt – With Questions

My big day is coming soon, (if you call July soon, which given the speed with which January vanished could well be, like, tomorrow). The day when my very first Desire, will hit the shelves, and actual live people can buy it…or not.


It’s both very exciting and very scary, and frankly, I’m leaning a little toward the scary side. I’ve done my part, I wrote the book. Then, once my wonderful editor at Desire bought it I more or less waved good bye to it.  Harlequin (after asking for suggestions) chose a title for it – Having The Billionaire’s Baby, they’ll design a cover, and they’ll write the back cover blurb. So at this point in time I have no idea what it’ll look like when it’s sitting there on the shelf, and what it will say on the back.


So, here comes a question. How much do things like title, and cover image and back cover blurb, effect your choice of whether to pick up a book and buy it? I tend to be a back cover blurb and read the first page kind of gal. How about you?


Do you pick up the one with best looking hero on the cover? Conversely are there things on a cover that can put you off? A blonde hero? A moustache? I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous and luscious covers and some…not so gorgeous.


Same with the title, what grabs you, billionaire, pregnant, Sheik? And is there anything that can put you off? Billionaire, pregnant, Sheik?


Ditto with the back cover blurb, how much does it influence your decision to buy? What intrigues you? What makes you slot it back into place on the shelf and pick up the next one?


So even though I have very little say in these things I’d really like to know what you all think. And then I’d really, really like to see how mine is going to look.



On the 7th day of Christmas – Sandra Hyatt

swansMy true love gave to me seven swans a swimming.

Apparently the ‘seven swans’ refers to the seven gifts of the holy spirit. And whatever your religious persuasion it never hurts to stop and count your blessings and the gifts in your life. 

I admit that I tend to get a little (actually a lot) frazzled around Christmas time ie I haven’t done any, yes any, Christmas shopping yet, Christmas lunch for ten is at my house and I don’t know what we’re having, and there seem to be one hundred and one things going on in my and my children’s life – none of which I’m quite prepared for. So it’s that time of year when I have to remind myself to take a step back, let go of my hair and count my blessings, look back at the gifts I’ve received throughout the year.

Oviously the stand out one was getting The Call from an editor at Desire – Christmas on August 1st!

But there are the other subtler ones, the biggest of which is that my family are happy and healthy and will be celebrating Christmas together. I have two close friends who’ve lost loved ones this year and I just can’t imagine not having in the world any of those people: children, siblings, parents, friends whose presence feels essential to my happiness and the rightness of the world.

What blessings are you counting the Christmas time?