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What do you like to win?

I’ve just run a whole lot of contests, giving away ARCs, signed copies of books, and a gift certificate to a bookstore, so I’ve got prizes on the brain. 😉 And now I’m going to pick your brains’ on the topic.

My question is: as a reader, what do you most like to win? Do books top the list? ARCs? Gift certs? Promo items?


Nibbles Anyone?

No, I’m not talking about food, but about reading styles. The idea came up in comments on another blog, and I thought it’d be fun to discuss it here today.

I’m one of those people who always has a book in their handbag – so I can nibble away at it whenever there’s a bit of spare time. But, at heart, and if I have the time, I’m a all-in-one-go reader. If a book catches my attention, I’ll hunker down and likely not move until it’s finished. I’ve learned not to start books at 11pm…because I’m never going to read just a chapter!

What about you? Can you nibble? Or do you gulp read? I know some people have several different books – one for the purse, one in the car… Do any of you do that? Tell us all your reading secrets! 🙂


On the 11th day of Christmas…

…here are eleven books I’m looking forward to ~ in no particular order

1. Bone Crossed & Hunting Ground – Patricia Briggs (Okay, I know that’s two books, but shhhh)


2. Propromises-in-deathmises In Death & Kindred in Death – JD Robb (Um…see above *grin*)

3. Demon Dawn – Meljean Brook

4. Duplicate Effort – Kristine Kathryn Rusch


5. The Shadow Queen – Anne Bishop

6. The Vampire’s Bride – Gena Showalter


7. Magic Strikes – Ilona Andrews


8. Blood Sins – Kay Hooper


9. Bengal’s Heart – Lora Leigh

10.Trunning-hotucker’s Claim – Sarah McCarty

11. Running Hot – Jayne Ann Krentz

You know what I’ve just realized? Every single book on that list is part of a series. I do however, quite often pick up debut authors or authors I haven’t yet read if the blurb/concept catches my interest. Judith James debut Broken Wing and Victoria Dahl’s contemporary debut Talk Me Down are both on my tbr list because of that very reason.

Now it’s your turn – what books are you looking forward to? You can list one, two or even eleven!vampires-bride2

Contest now closed. Winner: Ada Lato-Esposito

Everyone who comments goes into a draw to win a very special prize. The fabulous and talented Gena Showalter, NYT Bestselling author of the Lords of the Underworld series has offered to give away an ARC (advanced reading/review copy) of THE VAMPIRE’S BRIDE, releasing March 2009!

Contest closes midnight Friday Dec 19th, 2008, NZ time.


On the fifth day of Christmas…

…Nalini thinks we need to look at some hunks we’d like under the Christmas tree!

So, do you want someone dark and brooding?


Long, lean and gorgeous?


Or warm and sleep-tumbled?


Decisions, decisions! Tell me, who would you love to find under your Christmas tree – one of the above, or someone else?

I’ll pick a random winner from the comments to win a copy of a book from my backlist (winner’s choice). If you’ve already got all my books, I’ll let you choose something from my secret giveaway stash *grin* (Giveaway closes midnight 12 December 2008, NZ time.)


Novella Love

I have a novella (Stroke of Enticement) coming out this Tuesday in The Magical Christmas Cat anthology. I had so much fun writing about Zach – talk about a sexy, playful changeling – and his heroine, Annie. (If you want to check out an excerpt, follow the link above!)

I enjoy writing novellas for a number of reasons – but today, I thought we’d chat about why we love reading novellas.

For me, novellas are perfect reading material for when I don’t have a ton of time, but I’m still craving a good read. I can get that satisfying full-story feeling in a bite-sized amount of time.

Some novellas have even become keepers for me, like The Prince of Ebon Rih in Anne Bishop’s Dreams Made Flesh. I adore this novella – I’ve read it over and over. (And incidentally, if you haven’t read Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy, run and grab it now! It’s completely amazing).

So, how about you all? Do you enjoy novellas? What are some of your favorites?


Of Joy :)

It’s been an amazing week for me with Hostage to Pleasure hitting both the USA Today Bestseller list and the New York Times Bestseller list.

I thought today, I’d invite you all to share something joyful that’s happened to you recently. It doesn’t have to be huge – just something that put a smile on your face. Looking forward to hearing all your good news 🙂



Winner Roundup

more animals

We’ve had three recent giveaways on the blog. 🙂 I thought I’d do a bit of a roundup so we can congratulate all three winners. And look what an international group we’ve got!

The winner of Bronwyn Jameson’s RWAmerica giveaway was Maered from Scotland.

Bron also did a giveaway with her RWAustralia conference post, and Dina from Barbados was the lucky winner of that one.

Both won three-book packs.

And the final giveaway this week was the one connected to my post about Series Love. The winner, Teresa W. from the States, won her choice of a book from my backlist.

Congratulations everyone!!

P.S. If you haven’t read them yet, I just put up two new excerpts on my website – from BRANDED BY FIRE and ANGELS’ BLOOD. Enjoy!